Lapita Paintings

Lapita Migration by David Ambong

lapita, lapita migration

Lapita Migration (Acrylic on Canvas) Dimension: 90 x 90cm Price: VT 120,000

My artwork defines the movement of the Lapita people from one Pacific country to another. From islands to islands within the Pacific countries.The gentleman with a paddle in is hand reflects that the Lapita people are people who continue to move from one place to another and not spending their life in one place. The lady with a child shows that the Lapita movement includes the whole Family and not individuals. My understanding about Lapita is “People, Life and Movement”. This is due to the fact that they moved all around the Pacific Islands that is why they are named as “Ol Bubu blong Pacific” in Vanuatu.

Lapita by Beben Natum


Lapita (Acrylic on Canvas) Dimensions: 92 x 178cm Price: VT 60,000

My name is Beben Natum. I am a youth from the island of Erromango. It started when people are in darkness meaning religion not yet introduced. When our ancestors are only using fire and Bamboo – The Europeans came and gave us pots. Today all of us use pots, electric pots and the big question behind this change is that what will happen tomorrow as this new technology is running very fast and mothers of Vanuatu are still struggling with all the richest identity and the valuable custom values of Vanuatu.

Ancestral Culture of the Lapita by Jothom Roy

lapita, culture, ancestral

Our Ancestral Culture of the Lapita
(Acrylic on Canvas)
Dimension: 50x 103cm
Price: VT 50,000

Birds: represents the Lapita people that settled in the four cardinal directions in Vanuatu.
Dead Tree: represents the Lapita people
Flowers: The artwork left behind that flourishes in peoples mind
My inspiration behind my painting is that today our generation is looking for the fragrance of the flowers in admiring the history, the pottery and design left behind. It is very important that we do not loose these unique cultures of the Lapita.

Lapita by Juliette Pita


Lapita (Acrylic on Canvas)
Dimension:108 x 181cm
Price: VT 250,000

My name is Juliette Pita. I come from the island of Erromango. I have three children whom have followed my footsteps as artists as well.
I am the first Ni-Vanuatu woman to have a Certificate and Masters in Arts. I have joined numerous artist associations such as Nawita Association and the Vice-President of a family owned Tribes Association. This association belongs to Family Artist under the name Velikri Balam.
I am pleased to share with you my thoughts on the Lapita theme. My painting has a lot in it. In the centre there is the Lapita – It is believed that women first came out from my custom NASARA (a traditional performing place or family dancing grounds). This is related to my tribe whom came out from a family traditional land base. With the wise of Tapa, Stone money and all the custom values we have in Vanuatu we still need to place the culture of origin stories and oral stories together to find the lost treasure that we have lost. Lapita people have a massive importance for the Pacific people and rich culture as we are their descendant.

Lapita Painting by Kiki Kuatonga


“Untitled” Acrylic on Canvas Dimension: 158cm x 104 Price: 150,000 vatu


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