Support us

The gallery is home to Vanuatu’s national treasure, Patrice Cujo’s “Maps Blong Vanuatu” paintings.

It is also a space for nurturing, promoting and exhibiting contemporary artists and art. It is the only contemporary art gallery in Port Vila and covers its running costs despite an under-funded and nonexistent government arts system.

We are seeking financial assistance in the form of a philanthropic donation to allow us to better assist artists and improve the gallery and studio.

How potential donations would be spent is outlined below:

· Develop a gallery/artist co-operative for artist materials and the Gallery’s Studio

· Provide artists with materials and further workshop opportunities to develop young artists (the availability & cost of quality artist materials within Vanuatu is limited and expensive)

· Patrice Cujo’s “Maps Blong Vanuatu” are of world class standard and a national treasure for all of Vanuatu. The “Maps” are currently displayed with the inside of the gallery’s external cladding as their backdrop. We propose to clad the internal walls so the works are displayed as they should be in a gallery.

· Create a botanical tour of the property’s 3 hectares

Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit the gallery to gain a better understanding of who we are and our goals to improve this unique space for the arts and environment.