Basket mo Mat Exhibition

The Fondation Suzanne Bastien Art Gallery displays Baskets and Mats from various islands of Vanuatu. The exhibition was opened on Wednesday 27th June 2018 and will end 27th July 2018.


Media Release – Basket mo Mat – Yangfala Artis Blong Tumoro



Penis Sheath

Penis Sheath from Mathilda Rausi, Afiriana, North Pentecost

String Basket

String Basket from Anne-Marie Natu, Vimberuku, North Ambae

Coil Basket

Coil Basket from Jalinda Tari, Ambae

Basket from Vanualava


By Edlyn Tari, Wailengi, Ambae


Weavers interviewed before the exhibition “Basket mo Mat”.