Exhibition PAM!

Artistic Workshops in schools

The Fondation Suzanne Bastien offered the children of Pango schools a space for art expression to give voice to the youngsters after the cyclone and to show to them the value of their experience. Exhibiting their drawings is a way to encourage them and also to recognize them as young artists!

Suzanne Bastien was the former headmistress of Pango French School back in the 60’s and 70’s. Every child living in the Foundation property goes to school in Pango, at either the Pango Centre School (English) or at the French school “École D’Esnaar”. That is why we chose those two schools and organize artistic workshops.

We have conducted several workshops in two schools. First we began talking with the children about the event and their feelings at that time. Then we asked them to draw what had happened before, during and after the cyclone hit Port Vila.

The PAM Exhibition opening was on 18th of March 2015, one month after the cyclone hit Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Pango_French_School1Pango Center School2Pango_French-school3pango_center_school_4

Call for Students and Artists to come forward with their work. Opening : Saturday 18 April 2015
Time is short, please bring in your artwork before Wednesday 15th of April 2015.


Pam Poster 2015


 An introduction to Pam Exhibition


A Word of Appreciation to Joaquim Rufat, our first Artist-in-residence for this initiative and for the success. Our expressed gratitude to Sanga Stuber, Juliette Thirouin, Kami Etul and others whom helped out during this Pam exhibition. Not forgetting our local artists and students of Pango schools whom participated thank you so much for your hard-work as without you we wouldn’t have had a success fundraising. Lastly, Thank you to all the people who came during this fundraising and supported us through donations or bought Kava and Food.

Money raised went towards the two primary schools at Pango: Pango Center School (English) and Ecole d’Esnaar de Pango (French). The money banked into each respective bank account was VT 75,160 each.


The headmaster of Pango Center School received a cheque of VT75,160 after the Pam fundraising.



The head teacher at Ecole d’Esnaar received a cheque of VT75,160 after the Pam fundraising.



Macha Paris, the Director of the Foundation Suzanne Bastien elaborated more about the money.