In September 2015, NZ Epi Island Incentive Trust ran a teaching programme for the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade students of Epi High School, Lamen Bay. They taught Art skills in wood block printing and to study the option to pursue a career in Art.

NZ Epi Island Incentive Trust is a New Zealand Registered Charity Trust with part of their Mission Statement wanting to develop an awareness that students can tap into their art and culture, making it possible to offer different career options, than leaving their islands to either work in Port Vila or travel aboard as Seasonal Workers, a programme which the Trust believe strongly is destroying their culture. The Trust also runs a successful dental programme.

Mrs Janelle Aston a qualified New Zealand High School Art Teacher who has also worked in the New Zealand Film Industry as a Set and Prop Designer was asked by the Trust if she would Travel to to Epi Island and run the programme with Trustee Ms Michelle Page as her assistant also an artist. Janelle and Michelle lived on Epi Island for a month teaching the programme and have plans to return next year July 2016.

Acknowledgement to Gordon Harris Art Supplies in New Zealand whom donated Art materials and Air New Zealand waived the Freight to Port Vila from New Zealand.

These Wood Block Prints of students are exhibited at the Fondation Suzanne Bastien Art Gallery, Pango Road just before Pilioko Foundation.

The prints are for sale with profits going direct to Epi Island High School.

The Cultural Museum also shared an interest and will have the Wood Blocks Prints for sale and on display in the near future. You will view some of their work under Wood Block Prints.